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Image of Erindale's First Convocation 1970

Erindale College (UTM), First Convocation (June 1970)
Dean E.A. (Peter) Robinson, Tennys Reid?, Principal J. Tuzo Wilson, 48th Highlanders


The UTM Archives holds records and artifacts dating from the establishment of the campus in 1967 to the present day.

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Teaching and Outreach

The UTM Archives promotes its collections through classroom instruction and by reaching out to offices on campus.

Archival research develops critical thinking skills and supports experiential learning. Students are welcome to visit the archives by appointment, and we encourage instructors to incorporate our collections into their course offerings.

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Donating material to the UTM Archives

The UTM Archives welcomes donation inquiries. Follow the link above to learn more about donating material to our collection.

Visiting the UTM Archives

The UTM Archives is located in Room 446 of the UTM Library (top level, across from the washrooms).

Archives material may be viewed by appointment only. To book an appointment, or to inquire about items in the collection, please complete the form below.

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