Google Docs


Google Docs is a free, web-based office suite. Anyone with a Google account (Gmail, YouTube, etc.) already has access to Docs. You can use Docs to collaboratively create documents, spreadsheets presentations, and more. You can have as many as 49 people working within a single document. All items created within Docs are automatically saved in the cloud, and are accessible from any computer once you sign into your Google account. Embedded within Docs are numerous collaboration features including text and video chat. 

Uses and benefits
  • Allows up-to 49 simultaneous collaborators to work in a single document;
  • Keeps a second-by-second revison history;
  • Embedded text-based and video chat options foster synchronous collaboration;
  • Streamlined commenting system allows for excellent asynchronous collaboration
  • Files can be downloaded and saved in a range of formats, including .docx and .pdf;
  • Single account also provides access to spreadsheets, presentation slides, forms and a drawing program;
  • Automatic document translation options;
  • Embedded reference and citation options linked to Google Scholar.
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