Peer-to-Peer Coding Support

Get help from UTM Teaching Assistants with JupyterHub, Python, R, and more. Peer-to-peer coding support is available in the Finance Learning Centre (FLC) for all UTM students with assignments that require coding. 

Drop-in Schedule (or see the FLC calendar):

Mondays:              4pm - 6pm
Tuesdays:         3:30pm - 5:30pm
Wednesdays: 11am - 1pm
Thursdays:       11am - 1pm
Fridays: 3pm - 5pm


Final Day for drop-in support is Monday 22nd April, 4-6pm.

Finding the FLC:  We're located on the Lower Level of the Innovation Complex in Room L1245 (below the Registrar's office and across from ICUBE's co-working space). Directions from the Innovation Complex or from the tunnel from Davis:

  • From the Rotunda, face the Registrar's Office, look to the FLC sign on your right, and head downstairs
  • At the bottom of the stairs, turn right, and turn right again just past the hallway printer
  • Or, if you come out of the tunnel from Davis, go straight ahead past the stairs and turn right just past the hallway printer 
  • The FLC is then the first door on the right 

If you have questions, email the FLC or drop-in during coding support sessions.