Remote Access to Bloomberg

Bloomberg is available for remote access by faculty, researchers, staff, and students currently affiliated with the University of Toronto until June 2022. Users can connect to Bloomberg remotely from their personal devices, as well as through the workstations in the FLC during an in-person booking.

A Bloomberg Terminal account is required in order to access Bloomberg remotely.  Please ensure your existing account is active OR create a  new account BEFORE your reserved time slot(s).

If you do not already have a Bloomberg Terminal account, please visit the Bloomberg for Education Portal at Once in the Portal, select the ‘Sign Up’ link to sign up for a Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) account, using your university email (i.e., as a Learner.

For more step-by-step instructions on how to create your account, and information on resetting your password, or re-activating your account, please see the Remote Access to Bloomberg User Guide.

Making a Reservation for the Bloomberg Terminal 

Once you set up your Bloomberg Terminal account, you will need to reserve time in order to access Bloomberg.

You can reserve one-hour time slots, with a maximum of 6 time slots (i.e. 6 hours) per week.

To make a reservation for a Bloomberg terminal, please use the link below - you will authenticate using your UTORid:

Bloomberg Reservation Calendar Link

Please submit your booking during regular business hours (9AM-5PM EST Monday to Friday), and at least 1 hour before your time slot is due to start, to ensure it is processed.

As long as the booking is submitted during regular business hours and at least 1 hour before the time slot begins, your submission is automatically approved and you will not receive a confirmation email. In the unlikely event that your requested  time slot conflicts with an existing booking, you will receive an email from Rotman Finance Lab staff to notify you that your time slot is unavailable. Rotman staff will provide you with alternative times slots on the selected day and you may change your time slot by submitting a new booking request.

Bookings submitted on weekends or outside regular business hours will be processed only once regular business hours resume. 

If you require more than 6 hours per week, please reach out to

Faculty or staff members: to submit a booking for extended access ( longer than 1 hour) for a  class or workshop, please reach out to

Please note that remote access to a Bloomberg Terminal is closely monitored and connecting to Bloomberg without reserving a time slot will result in losing your Bloomberg remote access for two weeks. Given the open remote access nature, it is very important that you respect all booked time slots and only connect to a Bloomberg Terminal during the time slot that you booked. 

Citrix Receiver Client

Bloomberg Anywhere requires a Citrix Receiver client for both PC and Mac users. This client can be downloaded here:

If you are a Mac user AND are using Safari (version 12 and above), Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome, Bloomberg Anywhere will NOT recognize this client unless it has been installed from the link above.

Please ensure the Citrix Receiver client is installed on your computer prior to accessing Bloomberg Anywhere. You will need to click on the .ica file that the client generates to access Bloomberg.

Bloomberg Remote Access Quick Start Guide

For detailed instructions (including screenshots) on: creating accounts, making reservations, connecting to Bloomberg, and available support, please consult our Remote Access to Bloomberg User Guide.