Measure Impact

What you publish matters… Funding agencies, universities, the government, your department  and researchers like you continually adapt, create and design ways to measure the effectiveness of the scholarly output they fund or produce.

For funding agencies, quantifying the impact of your research may be matter of assessing return on their investment. For you, it may be a complex mix of diagnostic self-assessment, benchmarking, and scoping out potential collaborators as well as emerging research areas. 

Awareness of your scholarly impact can help you: 

  • build and manage your scholarly profile; 
  • build a stronger case when applying for academic positions, promotion or tenure; 
  • demonstrate the value of your research (or return on investment) when applying for funding;  
  • identify researchers citing and using your work to discover potential collaborators, competitors, new research areas, and any misuse of your scholarly output.

While there is an ongoing debate about what the various metrics truly measure, and whether it is possible to assess the many aspects of the impact of research using existing or emerging metrics, we want to give you information about the existing impact measures, tools and techniques so that you can make informed decisions about how (and whether to) gauge your impact. 

For more information or a consultation please contact Jessica Hanley. 

Metrics Tools
Bibliometrics and Research Impact