Before embarking on scholarly work in a new research area, or as part of refreshing your regular research routines, explore tools and techniques that may help you start, and stay up-to-date and on top of multi-part processes.  

One of the most effective yet relatively simple research game-changers is staying current with Research Alerts. From learning about new library resources in your area to being notified every time journal articles matching your research interests are published, alerts can streamline staying informed. 

For more information or a consultation please contact Jessica Hanley.

If you are planning a knowledge synthesis project such as a scoping or systematic literature review, consider meeting with us to prepare for every step of the project. We can help you determine whether you need a protocol and fill you in on freely available tools you and your team can use. 

For more information or a consultation please contact Joanna Szurmak.

Working with research data, especially when granting agencies require your data to be openly shared, presents many planning challenges. One of the first ones is preparing your Data Management Plan (DMP) which you and your research team should prepare when embarking on any research project. A DMP can help guide data best practices within the project, but is also becoming increasingly part of research grant applications as well.   

For more information or a consultation please contact Andrew Nicholson.


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