Building Students' Research Skills Through Online Learning

In this interview Shafique Virani describes how he and his course team developed resources and assignments that were specifically designed to build students’research skills. Tying into the overall journey allegory,course learning modules were accessible via the “Navigating Your Travels” content area.  This content area was subdivided, using folders,into five “waystations,” each of which contained an individual learning module. Every learning module was bookended by pre- and post-tests, called “pre-flight check-in” and “passports please.” Pre- and post-tests, delivered through Blackboard’s online quiz took, were used to gauge students’ understanding of the research process throughout the course.

What Made This Approach Work

  • Providing logical and consistent structure for the information presented to students; 
  • Giving students the opportunity to regularly self-assess their knowledge and understanding of the research process;
  • Using the journey allegory to integrate the learning modules and assessments into the larger framework of the course;
  • Using a team approach that draws on the expertise of the liaison librarians and the TA to develop quality resources; 
  • Having a variety of resources and activities in each learning module keeps students interested and engaged.

Faculty Showcase