Research on Peer Instruction

Dan Zingaro provides unique insights into the impact on student learning and the vital role that the instructor can play when considering the effectiveness of the pedagogy that is used in combination with a technology tool that has been implemented. In this thoughtful exploration, Dan reflects on current research and from his own research shares the new discoveries he has made through cumulative research projects in several courses.

Highlights of the Research

  • Structuring the course to prepare students to discuss topics in class through pre-class readings, quizzes with questions about content and student identified topics of confusion;
  • The use of different question modes and isomorphic questions to test student understanding of concepts during the peer instruction process;
  • Examining the impacts of peer discussion and instructor explanation on student subgroups;
  • Exploring whether there are differences in impact between difficult questions and those that are easier;
  • Bringing to light the impact of instructor’s role to help students prepare for class, to develop suitable questions to foster peer instruction, to support students through explanations, and to share their expertise.

Faculty Showcase