New Electronic Resources at UofT

The library has acquired the following electronic resources:


Moscow News Digital Archive (1930-2014)

An online archive of all obtainable published issues of the oldest English-language newspaper in Russia, including issues of the sister publication Moscow Daily News (1932-1938). It includes full-page access of approximately 60,000 pages, complete original graphics, searchable text, and cross-searching with other Eastview collections. The collection utilizes the best-known copies available, however some issues are still missing. Of interest to students and researchers in Russian culture and history, Soviet and post-Soviet studies, political science, and economics.


The Mafia in Florida and Cuba: FBI Surveillance of Meyer Lansky and Santo Trafficante, Jr

A primary source collection of over 11,000 pages of scanned materials produced by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies from 1946 to 1977 on mafia bosses Santo Trafficante, Jr., Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano. It includes memoranda, correspondence, and analyses from the Justice Department; news articles; Domestic Intelligence Section reports; transcripts of wiretaps, typewriter taps and coded messages; and memoranda of conversations. It also includes FBI surveillance, informant reports, and correspondence from offices across 5 states. Of interest to students and researchers of American history and culture, criminology, Latin American studies, and international relations.


African American Newspapers, Series 1 and 2, 1827-1998

Online access to more than 350 U.S. newspapers chronicling a century and a half of the African American experience. This unique collection, which includes historically significant papers from more than 35 states, features many rare 19th-century titles. Of interest to researchers of cultural, literary and social history; ethnic studies.


The Dublin Castle Records 1798-1926

Primary source collection of the records of the British administration in Ireland. It includes monthly reports, memoranda, political surveillance and espionage reports, judicial proceedings, censorship documents, and papers relating to civil administration and prominent figures such as Eamon De Valera, Maud Gonne, and Countess Markievicz. Of interest to students and researchers of Irish and British history, political science, postcolonial studies, and economics.


Krokodil Digital Archives (1922 -2008)

An online archive of the popular Russian satirical magazine that once reached a circulation of 6.5 million copies. It includes full-page access to the entire publication, which can be used a gauge of the 'correct party line' of the time. Users can search the full text, and use searchable tags that identify individuals and organizations within the artwork. Titles and details are in Cyrillic and Roman alphabet transliterations. Of interest to students and researchers of Russian culture and history, political science, art history, media studies, graphic arts, and rhetoric.


Mergent Archives has been updated to include the Historical Annual Reports module. The collection includes access to over 1,000,000 company annual reports, back to 1900. Reports offer in-depth analyses on companies from the United States, Canada and Europe. Of interest to researchers of business, management, history.


Sunday School Movement and Its Curriculum

Primary source collection of more than 39,000 scanned images of pamphlets spanning 1884-1820 from the Congregational Library and Archives of Boston. Of interest to researchers of religious studies, history, education, and American studies.


The Allied Propaganda in World War II and the British Political Warfare Executive

Primary source collection of the complete files of the British Political Warfare Executive from 1941 to 1956. It includes correspondence, minutes, mission files, and a complete collection of airborne propaganda leaflets in 9 recipient languages dropped over mainland Europe by British and American air forces. It also includes the secret minutes of the special 1944 War Cabinet Committee "Breaking the German Will to Resist". Of interest to researchers of history, political science, rhetoric, media studies, and women and gender studies.


The U.S. Operations Mission to Saudi Arabia, 1950-1955: Correspondence and Subject Files of the Office of the Director

Primary source collection the correspondence files of the US Operations Mission in Saudi Arabia, the Subject Files of the office of the Director which document the programs and problems of the International Cooperation and Administration effort and the Point Four program. Of interest to researchers in history, political science, economics, American studies, and international relations.


ACLU American Civil Liberties Union Papers, Part 2

Expands the ACLU collection by including the papers of the Southern Regional Office of the ACLU. The documents in the collection focus on civil rights movements and the their impacts on the South and beyond. The collection is valuable for instruction for students who are not well versed in legal language. Of interest to researchers of American history, social history, civil rights.


LGBTQ History and Culture Since 1940 Part 2
Expands on the LGBTQ history collection by adding materials relating to minorities, religious LGBTQ organizations, international publications and reports, AIDS advocacy groups, and governmental investigations of homosexuals. In addition, Part 2 adds the periodicals and letters held by the Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance Archives, thus expanding coverage of publications from the South Eastern United States. Of interest to researchers of Gender and Women’s Studies, Social history, American history.   


Digital Theatre Plus

An HD streaming video library of filmed theatre productions and supporting materials that includes over 400 classic, contemporary and international productions (though alas, no Hamilton). The collection includes productions from across the UK including West End theatre and the RSC, as well as over 250 filmed interviews exploring the creative and technical theatre-making process. Of interest to instructors and researchers of Drama and English.


Cambridge Companions

A searchable collection of over 600 ebooks that are popular for undergraduate instruction. They are authoritative guides on literature, philosophy, history, and area studies. New editions are added when available with original editions still available on the platform. Of interest to instructors of literature, classics, music, philosophy, religion, culture, and history.


Renmin Ribao Digital Archive (1946-2012) 

Known in English as the People’s Daily, the paper is the official publication of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the central newspaper of record for the modern Chinese state. The full-image and full-text digital archive will be of interest to researchers of East Asian Studies.



Statista is a statistics portal with the latest statistics and facts on 170 industries and 50 countries that gathers data from market reports, trade publications, scientific journals and government databases. It is searchable by data type, country, region, industry, publication date, and archived status. Data are downloadable in PNG, PDF, XLS, and PowerPoint, embeddable via an HTML code, and adjustable between chart types. Of interest to researchers and students in statistical sciences, economics, business, education, finance, media, politics, sociology, and technology.


Socialism on Film: Module II Newsreels and Cinemagazines

A collection from Soviet, Chinese, Vietanmese, East European, British and Latin American filmmakers. The new module includes the China Today newsreels, diplomatic and political newsreels focused on the USSR, the GDR Magazine newsreels from the German Democratic Republic, global newsreels including Czechoslovakia in Pictures, Bulgarian Chronicle and Vietnam Today, and Soviet newsreels and cinemagazines including Around the Soviet Union, Agricultural News and Soviet Sport. Of interest to researchers of Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union, East Asia, International Relations, Media and Communications.


The Shoah Visual History Archive

This archive has added oral histories in video form recorded from 1975 to 2016 in 38 languages of survivors of the Nanjing Massacre, the Guatemalan Genocide, contemporary antisemitism, the Armenian Genocide, the Rwandan Genocide, the Cambodian Genocide, and the Central African Republic Conflict. For interviews that are not in English, subtitles are provided for some but not all videos. Of interest to researchers and students in history, area studies, sociology, religion, psychology, sexual diversity studies, geography, political science, social work, and women and gender studies.


East India Company Module II, Factory Records for South Asia and Southeast Asia 

This is the second of a three-part collection of India Office Records from the British Library, this module focuses on trade networks, daily life for those living and working in the British Empire, and the interaction between Western traders and Asian societies, through correspondence, diaries, and company records. Of interest to researchers of British Imperial history, maritime trade, and global commerce.


Foreign Office Files for Japan Module II 

This module is the second part of a three-part collection of British Foreign Office Files dealing with Japan between 1919 and 1952. This section focuses on the American post-war occupation of Japan from 1946-1952. Of interest to researchers of Japanese culture and society, trade and the pacific rim, and American-Japanese relations.


Canadiana Online

Canadiana Online is a service providing unified full-text searching and access to three major collections of Canadian documentary heritage. Building on the collection in the Early Canadiana Online portal, Canadiana Online comprises digitized collections of books, newspapers, periodicals, images and nationally-significant archival materials on Canada in searchable databases.

The Monographs collection comprises 84,000 projected titles in 47 languages including 14 indigenous languages.  Of interest to researchers and students in indigenous history, women's history, anthropology, immigration, genealogy, local history, military history, law, politics and medicine. 

The Serials collection includes early dailies, weeklies, specialized journals and mass-market magazines up to 1930. The collection includes publications for diverse ethnolinguistic communities, city directories, and annual reports from churches, schools, businesses and other organizations. Of interest to researchers and students in literature, medicine, science and technology, education, and print history.

The Government Publications collection includes pre-1920 colonial, provincial and federal documents. They include government acts, bills, committee reports, court rules, debates, journals, ordinances, and official publications from France and Great Britain. Government Publications is of interest to researchers and students in immigration, Atlantic history, economic history and government.


Westlaw – LawSource

LawSource is a collection of Canadian case law and legislation. Primary sources include full-text cases/decisions, statutes, rules, and regulations. Court decisions include unreported cases dating from 1986 onwards, reported cases from 1977 and pre-1977 reported cases from key courts and law report series. The content greatly expands on what is available in CanLII and was previously only available to those affiliated with the law school. Of interest to students and researchers in legal studies, sociology, and public policy. 


ProQuest History Vault: American Politics in the Early Cold War: Truman and Eisenhower Administrations, 1945-1961

A searchable collection of primary source materials from the Truman and Eisenhower administrations. These include interviews, diaries, handwritten notes, confidential correspondence, telegrams, internal memoranda, official reports, briefing books, press releases and briefings on and off the record. They also include transcripts from the Harry S. Truman Oral Histories Collection. Of interest to students and researchers in U.S. history, foreign policy, economic policy, and political science.


ProQuest History Vault: Reconstruction and Military Government after the Civil War (1865-1877)

A searchable collection of primary source material from the U.S. Army's Office of Civil Affairs during the early Reconstruction period in the American South. These include letters, petitions, court proceedings, documents from newly established military districts of former Confederate states, claims for compensation by Union sympathizers for confiscated personal property during the war, and internal documents related to elections. Of interest to students and researchers in U.S. history, African American history, American studies, and military history. 


Petitions by the People to Parliament (expansion of UK Parliamentary papers collection)

The UK Parliamentary Papers collection is now expanded to include the online module Public Petitions to Parliament, 1833-1918. It is a collection of all the records of the Select Committee on Public Petitions from 1833-1918, including more than 900,000 petitions accepted by Parliament. Of interest to students and researchers of British history, religious history, environmental studies, government, economic history, and sociology. 


Communist Historical Newspaper Collection

The Communist Newspapers collection includes 9 historical communist newspapers from the United States dating from 1917 to 2013, including articles, pictures and advertisements all viewable in their original formatting. The collection includes: Daily Worker, Daily World, Ohio Socialist, People’s World Daily, People’s Weekly World, Sunday Worker, Toiler, Worker (1922-24), and Worker (1958-1968). Of interest to students and researchers in political history, economics, labour, and U.S. history.


The libraries have added two new modules of the Digital National Security Archive:

Cuba and the U.S.: The Declassified History of Negotiations to Normalize Relations, 1959-2016

A collection of 1,704 declassified primary source documents from 1959 to 2016 documenting the historical context and the overt and covert diplomacy between the United States and Cuba. They include reports, options papers, meeting summaries, memoranda of conversations, and cables from the U.S. and Cuban governments as well as Brazilian, British, Mexican, and Spanish ministries and archives. Of interest to students and researchers in U.S.-Cuba relations, political science, Latin America, conflict resolution, and U.S. foreign policy. 


Targeting Iraq, Part 1: Planning, Invasion, and Occupation, 1997-2004

Documenting U.S. policy towards Iraq from the initial policy to overthrow Saddam Hussein to the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the dissolution of the U.S. Coalition Provisional Authority in 2004. It includes intelligence reports, briefing materials, memos, background papers, reports of human rights abuses by American forces, and documents prepared for the public from the U.S. government, as well as official British government investigations. Of interest to students and researchers in U.S.-Arab relations, U.S. foreign policy, security studies, government and news media relations, and international relations. 


The libraries have added two new modules to the Early European Books Collection

The new modules include about 3500 items from major libraries in Britain, Italy, Holland, Denmark and a large collection from the Bibliothèque nationale de France. Of interest to students and researchers in religious studies, medieval history, women and gender studies, book history and print culture. 


SAGE Videos

Sage Videos contains over 20,000 educational videos for the social sciences, dating from 1920 to the present. It includes embeddable videos with custom clip creation and searchable transcripts. Videos include lectures, interviews, documentaries, raw/observational footage and archival content from universities, professional associations, and national television broadcasting companies. Of interest for teaching in business, education, communications, sociology, political science, international relations, criminology, counseling and psychology. Videos are catalogued at the title level.


SAGE Business Cases

Sage Business Cases contains thousands of business case studies from 1996 to the present. It includes case studies in business ethics, accounting, human resource management, marketing, and organization studies from international business schools and institutes. Case studies can be searched by academic level from beginner, intermediate, to complex. Of interest for teaching in business, management, finance, accounting, and human resources. Cases are catalogued at the title level.


Sage Datasets 

Sage Datasets contains over 150 quantitative and qualitative datasets that can be used for hands-on practice for students exploring new statistical techniques. Datasets includes surveys, time-series, and numerical data. Of interest for teaching statistics and research methods in history, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. Datasets will be catalogued at the title level and will be made available via Scholars Portal.


Teatro Español del Siglo de Oro

The Teatro database contains hundreds of Spanish-language dramatic works from 1500-1700. The database offers full-text access to 16 major authors and offers an interface in both Spanish and English languages. Of interest to researchers of Spanish language and literature, and drama. 



The collection includes books on anatomy, biochemistry and organic chemistry, as well as valuable pharmacy resources like DiPiro’s Pharmacotherapy; Goodman & Gilman’s Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics; Pharmaceutical Care Practice; Casarett and Doull’s Toxicology; and Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. Of interest to students and researchers in pharmacy, medicine, nursing, and other health disciplines.


DSM Archive

The library has acquired the digital archives of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual: Mental Disorders. The archive includes all previous editions, back to 1952. Of interest to researchers of psychology, medical history and social history. Previous editions are catalogued individually or all available here: 


W.B. Yeats Collection

The W. B. Yeats Collection holds all the major works in all genres of W. B. Yeats in 22 volumes. This resource includes poetry, plays, criticism and fiction. Of interest to researchers of literary studies and Irish studies.