Research Guides and Tools

Explore these resources to find the best research resources and tools to keep you on the right track.

Starting Points

Liaison librarians create research guides for every UTM program, containing recommended databases, citation resources, and more. We also create guides for specific courses, so check out the Starting Point for your subject and see what resources we have for you!

General Resources

Citation Help

Feeling mystified by citations? We have some great resources to help you make sense of your citation style, or you can check your subject Starting Point for more information on citations in your discipline.

Citation Guide

Visit this guide for an overview of what citations are, why they matter, and some of the best resources to get you started.

Citation Management

There are many tools available to help you manage your citations and generate reference lists. Take a look and explore some of our recommended options!

Other resources

Understanding Peer Review Guide

Do you need to find peer-reviewed articles for your assignments? Read more about the peer review process here and learn how to make sure your research comes from trustworthy sources.

UTM Graduate Student Guide

Explore the many resources the Library offers graduate students, including advanced workshops, information on working with research data, and details on publishing your thesis or dissertation.

UTSC Assignment Planner

This tool helps you succeed on your assignments by breaking them down into manageable parts and recommending services for additional information and support.

Better Note-taking on Screen

Explore these presentations to learn how to build your own note-taking system for online journal articles and e-books.