Loan Services

Your TCard (Library Card)

Your TCard is your library card. TCards are issued by the TCard Office located at the Information & Instructional Technology Services Help Desk, Lower Level, CCT Atrium, CCT 0160A. Contact the TCard Office at 905-828-5344 or via e-mail at

If your TCard is lost, please report it immediately to the Information and Loans desk, where your borrowing account will be temporarily blocked until a replacement card is issued by the TCard Office.

Course Reserves (Temporarily Unavailable)

Course readings may include print and online resources. Textbooks and other printed materials on reserve can be accessed from the Information and Loans desk located on the main floor of the library.  To find your course reserve material, simply follow these instructions.

  1. From the Library's home page select the Course Reserves icon.
  2. Search for your course code, and add "utm" at the end (ex: eco100utm).  Click the Course Code button. If prompted, select the instructor's name or textbook link to find your reserve item.
  3. Locate your course reserve item, and click Details. If your item is checked out, the date/time due back will be shown under Location.
  4. Write down the call number for your reserve item, for example: HB171.5.P26 2003.
  5. Bring the call number to the Information & Loans desk.

Loan periods for Course Reserves materials vary from 2hrs to 72hrs. Make sure to check return time as the late fines are calculated at 50 cents per hour.

Most items checked out within 2 hours of closing can be kept overnight until 30 minutes after opening the following day. 

Returning Reserves Materials

Reserves materials must be returned to the internal Reserves drop box beside the elevators, or directly to the Information & Loans Desk. When the Library is closed Reserve materials can be returned to the external drop box at the front entrance to the Library.

Loan Periods

Loan privileges by patron type at most University of Toronto Libraries






Undergraduate students

14 days

84 days


Graduate students

90 days

360 days



90 days

360 days



90 days

360 days



14 days 14 days, i.e. no renewals 25

Research readers

14 days 42 days 100

Direct borrowers

14 days 42 days 100

Associate members

14 days 42 days 100

Continuing studies students

14 days 84 days 50

Loan privileges may vary at some UofT libraries. Please check with individual libraries for more information.


  • Items from audio/video collections have a 14-day loan period, and cannot be renewed. This applies to all patron types
  • Loan periods for items from short term loan collections, including course reserves, vary between 3, 5, 24 or 72 hours and cannot be renewed

Designate a proxy borrower

  • Faculty and staff may designate another library borrower to sign out items from the University of Toronto Libraries onto their account
  • This service is also available to any library borrower unable to visit the libraries because of a disability
  • Complete this application form to request this service

When another borrower places a hold on your checked out item

  • If another borrower places a hold on an item that is checked out to you, it will be recalled, i.e., your loan period will shorten to 14 days and you will get an email asking you to return within 14 days
  • If you do not return it within 14 days, you will be charged a fine of $2.00 per day until it is returned


Automatic renewals

  • Two days before an item is due, the system will automatically try to renew it
  • If the item is not eligible for renewal, you will get an email advising you to return it
  • If another borrower requests an item checked out to you, it will not be eligible for renewal – if the due date is more than 14 days away, your loan period will shorten to 14 days, and you will get a email asking you to return it
  • Once your maximum potential loan period (see table above) is reached, you must return your items to any University of Toronto library to avoid overdue fines.
  • You can also proactively renew your items by signing into LibrarySearch 

Automatic renewals are not made when:

  • The item is a short term loan, which include course reserves
  • The item is an audio/video item
  • Someone else has requested the item
  • You have reached the maximum potential loan period for your patron type – see table above
  • You are an alumni borrower – alumni borrowers do not get renewals

Request a hold


  • To request a hold, sign in to LibrarySearch and find the item you want
  • Select the GET IT IN PERSON option to request
  • NEW! You may request a hold on items that are in the library as well as items which are checked out
  • When you request a hold on a checked out item, the current borrower's loan period will shorten to 14 days, and they will get an email asking them to return it
  • When your holds are ready, you will be notified by email, and will have up to 5 days to pick it up
  • You can request items for pickup at the holding library, or for pickup at another campus


Short term loan items, including course reserves, are not requestable, i.e., holds cannot be placed on them.


When requested by another borrower, all loans are subject to recall after two weeks. Recalled material which is not returned within 2 days will be fined at the rate of $2.00 per day.

Overdue Fines

Stacks material - 50 cents per day
Short term reserve material - 50 cents per hour, including when the library is closed
Laptops - $15 per hour or part of an hour

Method of Payment

In person - debit or credit
By phone - credit (905-828-5236)
Secure online payment

Fines Appeal Process

Step 1

Direct questions concerning the University of Toronto Mississauga Library fines or other charges to the Information and Loans desk.

Step 2

Users who still wish to dispute their library fines will be asked to submit an application to the Information and Loans desk, which will be reviewed by the Fines Appeal Committee. Copies of this application are available at the Information and Loans desk and online.

The following are NOT eligible for appeal:
• fines for material which does not belong to University of Toronto Mississauga Library
• lack of awareness of library policies
• forgetting the due date
• lost TCard or card lent to another patron
• not renewing on time
• failure to receive a courtesy overdue notice
• inability to renew online
• fines resulting from borrowing books for other patron
• material picked up /returned for or by another patron
• user cannot afford the fine
• fines which are five years or older
• previously appealed fines
• previously paid fines *

* If fines exceed $24.99 ($9.99 for external users) at the time of appeal, the patron can choose to pay part of fine to allow access to material and still submit an appeal for the entire amount without penalty.

The Fines Appeal Committee meets on first and third Thursday of each month. Appeals must be submitted by the end of Monday preceding the meeting.

Once a decision is made, the user will be notified by email within 7 days.

The Committee comprises four library staff selected from various units and one student representative.

Lost Materials

Effective September 1, 2019  the replacement fees for material held by University of Toronto Libraries are:

Replacement Fees for Lost or Damaged Library Materials



Lost Book Replacement


Lost Bound Journal Volume


Lost Media Replacement


Lost Unbound Journal


Damaged Book or Journal


Lost or Damaged Laptop


Lost or Damaged Financial Calculators


Lost or Damaged Scientific Calculators $50.00

Lost or Damaged White Board Sets


Lost or Damaged Headphones


Lost or Damaged Computer Charger


Lost or Damaged Phone Charger


Lost or Damaged Mouse-Dell

Lost or Damaged HDMI Cable $35.00
Lost or Damaged External DVD Drive $75.00
Lost or Damaged Garmin GPS $375.00

Library Materials Pick-up

If you require someone to pick up materials from the library for you, you'll need to fill out a Library Material Access Waiver. Once that waiver has been filled out, we will allow anyone with your TCard to pick up materials for you.

You can download the Library Material Access Waiver, or pick it up from the Information & Loans desk on the main floor of the library.

Returning Materials

UTM Reserve Materials

Reserve materials must be returned to the internal Reserves drop box beside the elevators, or directly to the Information & Loans Desk. When the Library is closed Reserve materials can be returned to the external drop box at the front entrance to the Library.

Other UTM Library Materials

UTM Library materials can be returned to the internal drop box beside the elevators on the main floor of the Library or the external drop box at the front entrance.

Other University of Toronto Libraries Materials

  • Books belonging to other University of Toronto Libraries may also be returned to the U of T Mississauga Library.
  • Short Term Loan materials borrowed from other U of T libraries must be returned DIRECTLY to the library from which they were obtained.