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About the syllabus service

The Course Reserves and Syllabus Service makes online, print, and media resources available to students to support the curriculum.

Our Syllabus Service provides easy access to these resources for your students, respecting the University of Toronto's license agreements with publishers and vendors, Canadian copyright laws, and the University's Copyright Fair Dealing Guidelines (Revised January 2023).

Syllabus Service staff will use the Library Reading List application to organize library resources within an easy-to-use course reading list that is integrated with Quercus. The application combines electronic articles, streaming media, digitized content, physical materials, and more into a single list so that students can access all their course materials in one place.

Additional resources

Timelines & required information

Please submit your syllabus as soon as possible — preferably at least one month before the beginning of your course — to ensure that your syllabus is ready for students in a timely manner. Your submission should contain the following information:

  • Course name; course code; semester; and number of students in course
  • Instructor’s name and contact
  • Full bibliographic citation, including publication year and pagination
  • Any files ready for upload