Setup a faculty site in three easy steps!

All UTM instructors can request a faculty site. Your website space will be available as long as you are affiliated with UTM. All faculty sites will be provided with a personalized URL, which you can pick when you submit your faculty site request. 

1) Submit a request.

  2) Work with your website.

  3) Featured sites.

submit a request  add content   

Fill out the request form. Within 2 business days we will create your site and send you an email explaining how to access and login to your site.

Your site will come with some standard pages and features. You can add your content and customize as needed. Check our how-to pages to see what is possible.

Once you have set up your site, share it with your department, and with your friends and colleagues. Some sample websites are available on our list of UTM faculty websites.

As owner of the webspace, it is your responsibility to ensure that all content complies with copyright and respects intellectual property rights, and does not contravene University of Toronto policies.  Any student work that is going to appear on your faculty site must have an accompanying signed agreement from the student whose work is going to appear on a faculty site.