National Topographic Series (NTS) Maps for Canada

The University of Toronto Mississauga library is a full depository for Canadian National Topographic Map Series (NTS) maps. We currently have NTS maps for all areas of the country at the following scales: 1:25,000 (Urban Centres only), 1:50,000, and 1:250,000 series.

Where can I find the paper maps in the library?

The maps are located in the Map Collection on Level Three of the HMALC.

How do I read the Google Earth NTS Map Index?

  • The Index map below is composed of four distinct layers or indexes overlaid on top of each other
  • Each layer is a separate map index and the tiles you see represent the extent of each map sheet. Each index is identifiable by a separate colour
  • As you zoom in your area, you will see different map numbers appear for each tile. Record the numbers and locate the map or maps in the drawers of the Library's map collection.

Locate the Topographic Map sheet numbers for your area

The chart below indicates the identified map sheets when searching for Streetsville, a neighbourhood of Mississauga, Ontario.

Identified Map Sheets for Streetsville, Ontario
Index Grid Map Type Sheet Name Colour
1:1,000,000 030 (very low resolution) (No Name) Yellow
1:250,000 030M (low resolution) Toronto Red
1:50,000 030M12 (medium resolution) Brampton Blue
1:25,000 030M12b (high resolution) Streetsville Green

More Information about NTS Maps please visit Topo 101 - Topographic Maps, The Basics.