Log into Your Course

 How to log into the Portal:

  • Go to http://portal.utoronto.ca
  • Use your UTORid and password to log in.
  • Once you've logged in you'll be on "My Page".
  • Look for the box, or "module" labelled "My Courses" there you should see the list of all of the courses you are teaching (or enrolled in).
  • Click on the name of a course to access the course.

If you do not see your courses listed:

  1. Try verifying your UTORid.
  2. ​Go to the course timetable and verify that your name is listed as instructor for that specific course. If you are not listed as the instructor, please request that your Department contact ensures that your UTORid is associated with the course in ROSI.
  3. Contact your Human Resources Contact or Business officer to verify that your employment record has been activated in HRIS.