Spotlight - Using ePortfolios in Quercus

Rosa Hong, FRE383 and FRE466, ePortfolio samples

Course Information:

Instructor:  Rosa Hong
Department:  Language Studies
Courses:  FRE383 Advanced Language Practice (Oral) & FSL466 French for Business Communication
Class Sizes:  28, 14
Highlight:  ePortfolios

Key Tools: Quercus (Canvas) ePortfolios, Discussion Board, PowerPoint, OneNote


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Rosa Hong, Department of Language Studies introduced students to the use of different tools to complete their ePortfolio assignments.


Students were provided with a template based on the DEAL (Describe, Examine, Articulate Learning) model to complete weekly reports.  Students could share their work voluntarily on a Quercus Discussion Board as a reminder and point of reference for others. Students completed a personal reflection at the end of the course.  Instructor feedback was offered 2 - 3 weeks before the end of the course. 

Students also had the option of using the Quercus ePortfolio tool, PowerPoint or OneNote to share their work.
Rosa Hong, FRE383 and FRE466, ePortfolio samples (PowerPoint and OneNote)


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