In response to the provincial shutdown of non-essential services, the UTM Library is closed. We continue to provide access to online resources and services.
There is no need to return your books at this time. All loans will be extended, and no late fees will be charged.
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Library Directory

Name Email Phone Number
Anis, Wania Email 905-569-5760
Aleluia, Maria Email 905-828-5236
Alexander, Michelle Email 905-828-5239
Alfonso, Chris Email 905-569-4374
Atkinson-Lu, Mary Beth Email 905-828-5239
Berry, Kenneth Email 905-569-4238
Campbell, Alison Email 905-828-3881
Cancilla, Nelly Email (905) 569–4980
Cappiello, Angie Email 905-828-5332
Chan, Shane Email 905-828-5236
Foster, Nga Email 905-569-4923
Fournier-Boulianne, Catherine Email 905-569-4654
Genuardi-Binns, Carmen Email 905-569-4979
Hanley, Jessica Email 905-828-3885
Hannaford, Paula Email 905-828-3888
Hawrychuk, Shelley Email 905-828-5235
Hodgson, Lisa Email 905-828-3702
Hughes, Alyssa Email 905-828-5236
Kenesky, Tanya Email 905-569-4525
Khan, Nalissa Email 905-569-4979
Kula, Helen Email 905-569-4658
Laughton, Simone Email 905-569-4981
Liu, Donna Email 905-569-4375
Lu, Mai Email 905-828-5238
Makinson, Rob Email 905-607-7233
Mann, Permjit (Pam) Email 905-828-5236
McFarlane, Colin Email 905-828-3880
Nicholson, Andrew Email 905-828-3886
Nordfeldt, Charlotta Email 905-828-5236
Patterson, Laura Email 905-828-5325
Ruiz, Maria Email
Seim, Sally Email 905-828-5236
Serafin, Mike Email 905-828-5232
Sonne de Torrens, Harriet Email 905-569-4610
Swieton, Dorota Email 905-569-4665
Szurmak, Joanna Email 905-828-3882
Umetsubo, Yayo Email 905-569-4365
Valant, Meaghan Email 905-569-4521
West, David Email 905-828-5236
Williams, Susan Email 905-828-5325
Wolfe, Nathan Email 905-569-4979
Yip, Candy Email 905-569-4979
Young, Chris Email 905-828-3884
Zajac, Anne Email 905-828-3881