Library 501: Graduate Student Workshops

Beyond Books: Using the UTM Library as a Graduate Student

The UTM Library is the third largest of the 44 University of Toronto Libraries, and offers an array of services, as well as research & technology workshops for UTM Graduate Students. This session will provide an overview of how the UTM Library can help you locate and retrieve research materials, manage your citations and datasets, and will provide a teaser to upcoming Library 501 workshops for Graduate Students.

  • Thursday, September 12th, 2019 from 1:10-2:00pm --Library Smart Classroom B (Rm.190)
  • Thursday. September 19th, 2019 from 4:10-5:00pm  - Library Smart Classroom B (Rm.190)
  • Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 from 11:10am-12Noon  - Li Koon Chun Finance Learning Centre Room L1245, Lower Level, Innovation Complex

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Introduction to the Unix Shell    

The Unix shell is a powerful tool that allows people to do complex things with just a few keystrokes.  You can combine existing programs in different ways and automate repetitive tasks so you don’t need to type things over and over again.  This workshop will go over the basics of the Unix shell, starting with working with files and directories, using pipes and filters, and a little bit of shell scripting.

  • Monday, September 23rd, 2019 from 2:10- 3:00pm-Library Smart Classroom B (Rm. 190)

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Automatically Download A Web Archive with Wget

Does your research require you to build an archive of data from public websites? In this workshop attendees will learn how to automatically download webpages with the wget program in your command line interface without going through the tedious process of manually downloading webpages. Attendees will also be guided through the process of cleaning up data once it’s downloaded.

  • Wednesday, October 9th, 2019 from 3:10-4:00pm  Library Smart Classroom B (Rm.190)

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How to be a Graduate Scholar                                                                                                                                   

Pick up all the right tools to becoming a graduate scholar! This session will cover both the traditional scholarly publishing process as well as ways of disseminating your research and ideas through non-traditional avenues such as through blogging, micro-blogging, and social media. Join us and learn to navigate the intricate world of publishing by increasing your understanding on issues such as: author rights, copyright, open access, self-archiving, blogging in academia, metrics, and the ethical use of websites like Research Gate and There will also be a focus on predatory journals which will aim to help students to learn what a predatory journal is, how to identify predatory journals, and how to assess whether or not a journal is credible. By the end of this session, you will have a primer on how to be a graduate scholar by using a variety of approaches to publishing and getting your work seen.

  • Tuesday, October 22nd , 2019 from 2:10-4:00pm - Library Smart Classroom B (Rm.190)                                                                   

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Introduction to Git

With this introduction to Git, we will go over the basics on Git and GitHub.  We will go over setting up a GitHub account, explaining basic commands like clone, add, and commit, setting up a repository on GitHub, and how to recover old versions of files.

  • Tuesday, October 29th, 2019 from 3:10-4:00pm - Library Smart Classroom B (Rm.190)

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Starting a Literature Synthesis: Systematic Review Basics

Should you do a systematic review or a scoping review? What is the difference? After completing this workshop, you will be able to answer this question – and more – making it easier to start your knowledge synthesis project.

Learning outcomes:

  • Distinguish between the workflows for different types of knowledge syntheses, including scoping and systematic reviews;
  • apply disciplinary research question building strategies such as PICO and others;
  • draft inclusion and exclusion criteria;
  • get started with UofT’s new knowledge synthesis tool, Covidence.


  • Wednesday, October 30th,  2019 from 3:10-4:00pm - Library Smart Classroom B (Rm.190)

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Identifiers and Impact: Using ORCiD  and Your Research Impact 

Researcher identifiers are a simple and convenient way to ensure your work is searchable, properly cited, and can help you analyse your research impact.  In this workshop, learn about what researcher identifiers are, the benefits of having one, and how having one can impact your current and future research.   Attendees will also be guided through the process of signing up for an ORCiD account.

  • Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 from 3:10-4:00pm – Library Smart Classroom B (Rm.190)

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Practice Makes Perfect: Best Practices for Making Research Posters 

As a Graduate Student, you will very likely be presenting a research poster at least once in your academic career.  Attend our session on creating research posters and learn about the dos and don’ts of poster creation, and what makes an effective poster for an academic audience.

  • Thursday, November 7th, 2019 from 3:10-4:00pm - Library Smart Classroom B (Rm.190)

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Your Twitter ROI: Making the Most of Twitter in Academia

Looking to optimize your Twitter activity in order to effectively benefit your career? This hands-on session will introduce you to Twitter best practices, how to find online communities in your field, and how to get the most out of the time and effort you put in to using Twitter. Get your ideas out there and get recognized by utilizing these tips and tools!

  • Tuesday November 12th, 2019 from 3:10-4:00pm - Library Smart Classroom B (Rm.190)   

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Introduction to ArcGIS Pro

Whether you are new to GIS or an experienced user of ArcGIS Desktop, learning ArcGIS Pro is a very new and exciting step. Learn the ins and outs of ArcGIS Pro in this 90 minute workshop

  • Thursday November 14th, 2019 from 3:10-4:30 pm - Library Smart Classroom B (Rm.190)   

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Build a Website with Jekyll and GitHub Pages

Want to build a static website? In this workshop attendees will learn how to build a Jekyll static website using GitHub pages. Attendees will learn some command line fundamentals and be introduced to Jekyll, Ruby, and GitHub. Attendees will finish the workshop with their own Jekyll website hosted on GitHub pages.

  • Tuesday, November 19th , 2019 from 3:10-4:30pm - Library Smart Classroom B (Rm.190)

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Finding, Using and Publishing Images in Advanced Research, Teaching and Graduate Studies 

This session introduces you to advanced tools for finding, using and building ‘sustainable’ image collections for teaching, research and publishing. How do you design an image collection to store those valuable ideas and easily retrieve them in the future? How do you add metadata to image files for effective computer searches? What type of image file should you be saving your images in? What are the differences in image files? Why can you not cut and paste images into your PowerPoint presentations? Where do you look for that particular image? How do you quickly find copyright information on the various publishers? How do you determine what copyright permissions are needed for teaching or publishing your thesis, book, article? Are there different requirements? Is copyright permission needed for using images on Quercus, webpages or blogs? What are the best resources to save time and obtain the images you need?  This session introduces tools, resources and answer those questions.   

  • Wednesday, November 27th, 2019 from 3:10-4:00pm - Library Smart Classroom B (Rm.190)

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Introduction to MATLAB 

In this introduction to MATLAB, we will go over variables, operators, built-in functions, and accepting input in scripts.  We will also go over how to access the MATLAB from computers around campus.

  • Thursday, November 28th, 2019 from 3:10-4:00pm - Library Smart Classroom B (Rm.190) 

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