Data and Statistics

As a University of Toronto affiliated student, faculty member, staff, or instructor you have access to thousands of numeric datasets covering Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and beyond. This website provides multiple options for statistical data searching, be it aggregate data tables or microdata analysis.

Strategies for Locating Statistical Data

A variety of questions to help you get started on your search for data.

Data Access

The University of Toronto Libraries offer a large collection of data access points to help you achieve your research goals.

Research Data Management

The University of Toronto Libraries has information on organizing, documenting, sharing, and preserving your data.  We also provide assistance on setting up a Data Management Plan with DMP Assistant and depositing research data into Dataverse.

Search Statistical Data by Geography

Here you can search statistical data by geography including a variety of local, Canadian, and International sources.

Search Statistical Data by Topic

Here you can search statistical data by topics including crime, economic, environmental, and health data.

Tutorials, Guides, & Videos

The U of T Mississauga Library has created a variety of help guides, documents and videos to support our services.

GIS & Data Support Team

Please contact us with any GIS or Data questions or issues.