Health Data Resources

Local (Peel, Halton, Toronto)

Peel Public Health: Statistics - Data tables on Health related issues affecting Peel residents (Health behavious, chronic diseases, mortality, injuries, etc)

Region of Peel Data Portal - Data on Peel demographics, health,and other socio-economic indicators

Halton Health Statistics - Includes reports on infectious diseases, chronic disease and family health

Toronto Region Primary Care Health Toolkit - Comprehensive data resource covering many health topics affecting Toronto neighbourhoods

Wellbeing Toronto - City of Toronto Online Health Indicators Map App

Toronto Population Health Status Indicators - Selected Health Indicators for Toronto



Public Health Ontario - Select "Data & Analysis" from the left menu

Ontario Community Health Profiles Partnership (OCHPP) - Ontario Health Profiles

Ontario Health - Open Data

Health Data Branch Web Portal (Registration required) - Access Ontario Health data from Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Hospital Wait Times - ER and Surgery, MRI, and CT Wait times



Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada – Search for Health Data Tables

Statistics Canada COVID Resources

Health Canada COVID Resources

Health Reports

Health Indicators

Canada Fact Sheets

Canada Yearbook: Health (2012 and past years) - Statistical Yearbooks for Canada each include a chapter on Health (ceased publication in 2012)


Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)

Health Statistics - CIHR has a wealth of health statistics on Canadians


Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI)

CIHI includes many statistics on the health and well being of Canadians. These two resources are the best entrances into the CIHI databases.


United States

The Centres of Disease Control (CDC) is the primary national public health organization of the United States. It has a wealth of public health data statistics available from its website. These links provide the best means of accessing this rich resource. - Key national indicators of the health of American children - One stop health data portal for United States combining resources of several health agencies



John Hopkins University COVID 19 Dashboard

World Health Organization (WHO) - The WHO collects global health information

World Bank: Health Statistics - Health data tables from the World Bank

OECD Library -- Key Tables on Health - The Organisation of Economic and C-operative Development's includes key table of health indicators

European Union - Health Data - Data on the Health of EU citizens

Database of Online Health Statistics from Institute of Health Economics - Catalogue of Health Statistical resources


Writing about Data and Citing Data Sources

The Vancouver Style is a common citation style in many medical journals.

How to Cite Statistics Canada Products

Quick Guide to Data Citation from ICPSR

How to Cite Datasets in APA and MLA Styles (from Michigan State University Libraries)