The ability to Analyze your research data to test ideas, hypotheses and assumptions is key part of the research cycle. RSDS includes resources and tools to help you analyze your research.    

These include Data & Information Visualization tools such as NVivo, Voyant, Tableau, and many others.  

We also work regularly with faculty, instructors and staff with GIS Data and Mapping projects, assisting them with Geographical Information System (GIS Data & Mapping) software support in the classroom and for personal research. 

The University of Toronto Libraries supports the tri-campus license for ESRI ArcGIS products, and our staff can help you obtain access to Desktop and Online ArcGIS tools. 

Our services also include research data collection support using Global Positioning System (GPS) Units, plus photo geo-tagging for campus field course assignments and projects.  


  For more information or a consultation please contact Andrew Nicholson  or Tanya Kenesky.