Add a Page

To add a new page to your website:

  1. Hover your mouse over Content;
  2. Hover your mouse over Add Content;
  3. Click Basic Page;
  4. Provide a Title for the page;
  5. Add your content to the Body text field;
  6. Tick the box next to Provide a Menu Link;
  7. Click Save.

To view and manage the list of all of the pages you have created:

Click Content and you will see a list of the pages.  From here you can edit, delete or view specific pages.  You can also update various options for the pages.

  1. Click on Edit to edit the page;
  2. Click on Delete to delete the page;
  3. To view a specific page, click on the page Title;
  4. To publish or unpublish a page or for other options, select the tickbox to the left of the page, then go to the Update options dropdown menu and make your selection, then click the Update button.