Add your Bio and Photo

  1. Hover your mouse over Content;
  2. Hover your mouse over Add Content;
  3. Click Basic Page;
  4. Provide a Title;
  5. Enter your biography into the Body text field;
    1. Use the formatting buttons to style your text;
  6. To add a photo, click the Image button;
  7. In the Image Properties box click Browse Server;
  8. In the new window, click Upload;
  9. Click the Choose File or Browse button (depending on your browser);
    1. Find your picture on your computer;
    2. Add Alternative Text so that those with a screen reader will be able to access information about the picture;
  10. Click Upload;
    1. A preview of your photo will appear in the window;
  11. Click on the preview photo;
  12. In the Image Properties box click OK;
  13. You'll see your image in the Body text box;
  14. Scroll down and tick the box next to Provide a Menu Link
  15. Click Save.