Add an Image

Images that you use should be your own or comply with copyright legislation, respect intellectual property rights, and do not contravene University of Toronto policies. 

The images you use need to be have been uploaded to the server.  To add an image to a page you can either select an image that has already been uploaded or upload the image you would like to use:

  1. Navigate to the page where the image will be placed;
  2. Click the Edit tab;
  3. In the Body text field, place your cursor where you want the image
  4. Click the Image button located at the far right of the Body text field menu;
  5. In the Image Properties box click the Browse Server button;

If your image is already on the server then go below to Next Steps:

If your image is not on the server:

  1. Click Upload;
  2. Click the Choose File or Browse button (depending on your browser);
  3. Locate the image on your computer or device; and,
  4. Click Open, then click on the Upload button.

Next Steps:

  1. Select the image by clicking on the filename;
  2. Click on the preview image that appears;
  3. In the Image Properties box add Alternative Text for the image and make adjustments to the image as needed;
  4. Click the OK button;
  5. You'll see your image in the Body text field;
  6. Click the Save button.