The Digital Scholarship Unit has space, equipment, tools, and expertise to collaborate with you on your course or research project. Our resources are for Library digital projects but can be used in partnership with our collaborators. When a partnership is formed with the Digital Scholarship Unit a Memorandum of Understanding is written to outline each partners responsibilities, timelines, and deliverables.

Digitization Studio

The Digitization Studio was built in 2019 to create preservation and access copies of materials from the Archives and Special Collections. The Studio is located on the 3rd floor of the Library and includes a photography workstation, digital scanner, and a high-performance computer for after-image processing. With our digitization equipment we can produce FADGI 4-Star images of documents, photographs, negatives, and oversize materials.

Omeka S

The Digital Scholarship Unit built an Omeka S installation in 2019 in partnership with Information & Instructional Technology Services (I&ITS) to rapidly develop small digital projects to address short-term Library needs. Some of our digital projects are listed in Projects which showcase the kinds of digital scholarship we produce. The Omeka S content management system enables our team to create digital exhibits, editions, and a range of scholarship not supported by current scholarly publishing venues.


To make the Library’s Digital Collections accessible and discoverable to researchers within and beyond the campus, the Digital Scholarship Unit stewards a variety of born-digital and digitized materials. In 2019, the Library subscribed to the digital collection platform Quartex, developed by Adam Matthew Digital. The Quartex content management system enables our team to curate digital collections of born-digital and digitized material from our Archives and Special Collections and partners’ collections.


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