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Data and Statistics

As a University of Toronto affiliated student, faculty member, staff, or instructor, you have access to thousands of numeric datasets covering the city of Mississauga, the province of Ontario, Canada and beyond. This page provides multiple options for statistical data searching, be it aggregate data tables or microdata analysis.

Strategies for Locating Statistical Data

A variety of questions to help you get started on your search for data.

Data Access

The University of Toronto Libraries offer a large collection of data access points to help you achieve your research goals.

Research Data Management

The University of Toronto Libraries has information on organizing, documenting, sharing, and preserving your data.  We also provide assistance on setting up a Data Management Plan with DMP Assistant, and depositing research data into Dataverse.

Search Statistical Data by Geography

Here you can search statistical data by geography, including a variety of local, Canadian, and international sources.

Search Statistical Data by Topic

Here you can search statistical data by topics including crime, economic, environmental, and health data.

Tutorials, Guides, & Videos

The U of T Mississauga Library has created a variety of help guides, documents and videos to support our services.

GIS & Data Support Team

Please contact us with any GIS or Data questions or issues.

Strategies for Locating Statistical Data

1. Determine the Geography or Area you are looking at for your data study.

2. What is your time period? Do you need the most recent or historical data?

3. What is your population/unit of measurement? Are you looking at total populations, households, women, men for your study?

4. What specific variables are you looking for?

5.What is your ultimate objective with the data? How will you be using/presenting the data?

For Data Assistance and to learn more about our resources, please contact the GIS & Data Support Team.

Data Access

The University of Toronto Libraries offer a large collection of data access points to help you achieve your research goals. 

UTL Map & Data Library - The UTL Map & Data Library is divided into two major sec-tions: Maps and GIS & Data. Here you can gain access to all that our vast collection has to offer.

SimplyAnalytics - SimplyAnalytics is an online data mapping and reporting application which provides University of Toronto users with access to hundreds of demographic variables covering the Canadian population. These include detailed census, health, household spending, and other marketing related data.  Business location points and profiles are also available.  Click here for more info on SimplyAnalytics.

CHASS Census Analyzer - The Canadian Census Analyzer provides you with easy access to Census Profile Tables.

SDA@CHASS - Here you can search and complete numerous analysis, crosstabulations, and subsetting on Microdata surveys.

CANSIM@CHASS - Here you can access Multidimensional views, Time Series views, and access historical versions of CANSIM.

Data Tables@Stats Canada - Statistics Canada provides downloadable and searchable tables.  Time series are available in these tables that range across a variety of subjects.

Scholars GeoPortal - A tool to access geospatial datasets. GeoPortal includes land-based vector data (water, cultural features, etc.), census geography, orthophotography, and more.

Dataverse@UTM - Here you can access the University of Toronto Mississauga weather station data from 1999-2001 (LINK IS STILL BROKEN)

<odesi> - This tool gives the user the ability to access, download, tabulate and analyze datasets. It is the product of a unique partnership between university libraries, business, and government.

Search Statistical Data by Geography

Local Data

City of Mississauga Data

City of Mississauga Profiles, Facts, and Maps

City of Toronto - Demographics

City of Toronto - Open Data

Halton Region - Data Centre (BROKEN LINK)

Peel Data Centre

York Region - Statistics and Data

Canadian Data

Census of Canada

CHASS Data Centre

CANSIM at Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada - Citation Guide

International Data


OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)

Population Reference Bureau

United Nations Statistics

Data and Statistics about the United States

World Health Organization

World Resources Institute

Search Statistical Data by Topic

Here you can search statistical data by topics including crime, economic, environmental, and health data.

Crime Data

Search for crime data and statistics.

Economic Data

Search for economic data and statistics.

Environmental Data Resources

Search environmental resources by regions including Mississauga, Toronto, Peel, Ontario and Canada.

Health Data Resources

Search health data resources by regions including local regions, Ontario, Canada, United States, and International.


Search all other data by entering your own search terms.

Environmental Data Resources


Mississauga Living Green - The City of Mississauga's 'green' master plan for environmental sustainability over the next 40 years.

Mississauga Open Data - Open Data Resources for the City of Mississauga

Credit River Alliance - The Credit River Alliance (CRA) is comprised of 25 conservation and environmental groups from the Credit Valley Watershed.

Credit Valley Conservation - The Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) is one of 36 Conservation Authorities in Ontario.

Natural Areas Survey (NAS) - A city-funded program which identifies and tracks 144 natural areas across the city including woodlands, wetlands, creeks, and streams.

2012 NAS Update and Data Download

More NAS Data from 1996-2011



Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) - The TRCA works with governments and businesses to create a greener place to live.

The Living City - Watershed, Land and Wildlife Monitoring Information from the TRCA

Toronto Open Data - Open Data Resources for the City of Toronto

Environment - Toronto Open Data - Forest, Street Tree, waste, and water data available

Live Green Toronto - The City of Toronto - Learn how to live cleaner and greener in Toronto



Conservation Peel - Region of Peel - Learn how we use natural resources and the impact we have on the environment

Conservation in the Community - Conservation Peel

Credit River Watershed and Region of Peel Natural Areas Inventory - Detailed Inventory of Natural Areas through the CVC

Peel Regional Planning Atlas - Environmental maps of the region


Peel Data Centre- Open Data Resources for the Region of Peel

Environment and Resources Open Data - Peel Data Centre   Find data on Water, Land Tenure, and Agricultural areas.



Conservation Ontario - Conservation Ontario is comprised of 36 Conservation Authorities across Ontario. They are dedicated to conserving and restoring Ontario's watersheds.

Ministry of Ontario - Open Data - The Ontario Ministry has numerous Open Data sets available for download.

Ontario Open Data - Datasets on Energy, Groundwater, Landfills and more now available to the public



Environment Canada - Open Data - Selection of datasets gathered by Environment Canada

Environment - Key Indicators - Statistics Canada - Selection of environment related datasets from Statistics Canada


Writing about Data and Citing Data Sources

How to write with Statistics (from Purdue OWL)

Writing with Statistics in APA (from Purdue OWL)

How to Cite Statistics Canada Products

Quick Guide to Data Citation from ICPSR

How to Cite Datasets in APA and MLA Styles (from Michigan State University Libraries)