GPS Device Loans

A GPS or Global Positioning System is a satellite navigation system that allows a person to determine their precise location from almost anywhere on earth.  A user can them plot the coordinates using a Geographic Information System or similar technology, and make a map. 

The HMALC has Global Positioning System (GPS) devices available for short-term loan to University of Toronto students, staff, and faculty.  The Library has 8 GARMIN GPSmap devices available for 24 hour loan.

GARMIN GPSMap 64 Series

  • Quad helix antenna and high-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS receiver
  • Built-in worldwide basemap with shaded relief
  • Water resistant
  • Preloaded Geocaches
  • High-speed USB connection and connects wirelessly to compatible handheld devices
  • 16 hour battery life

Operating Manuals


For operational assistance and/or for more information on the GPS devices, please visit the Technology Centre located on the 3rd floor, Room 360 of the Library. You can also contact our GIS & Data Support Team.
We are also available to help you download and plot GPS data from your own devices. We can assist in mapping your points to create a visual representation of your research to put in your paper or presentation.

Loan Information

  • GPS Devices are available for loan on a first come first serve basis for a 24 hour period. Special considerations for longer loan periods can be made by contacting our GIS & Data Support Team.
  • To loan a GPS device please visit the Information and Loans desk located on the main floor.
  • GPS Loans Policy