Citrix Cloud's Virtualized Applications

Virtualized Applications are accessible to all students at all times and there are no associated scheduling limitations.  Unlike the Secure Remote Desktop, which relies on connecting to a physical computer remotely, Virtualized Applications use the computing resources in I&ITS' data centre.


NOTE: Citrix Workspace MUST be installed on a user’s personal computer in order to use Virtualized Applications. See the Citrix Landing Page on I&ITS's Knowledge Base for instructions on how to download and install Citrix Workspace on Windows and Mac devices.

After installing Citrix Workspace, you will be able to access Citrix Cloud, which hosts Virtualized Applications.

To launch Citrix Cloud, visit:

Log into Citrix Cloud using your UTORid and password. Make sure to enter ads\ before your UTORid (i.e. "ads\smithj123")

Image of the Citrix Cloud login screen


Windows users: if prompted, click on 'Citrix Workspace Launcher' and then click 'Open Link'. 

MacOS users: if prompted, click 'Detect Workspace'.

You should now see the application screen:

Image of the Citrix Cloud home page with two options: Apps and Desktops and a menu with the same options to the left.


Expand the menu on the left by clicking on 'Apps' and then 'All Apps'.

Citrix Cloud home page with Apps menu on the left expanded to show All Apps option and a red circle emphasizing Apps and All Apps


You should now see all Virtualized Applications. To use any of them, simply double-click on the icon for the application you'd like to launch.

Virtualized Apps screen with a grid of icons and the names of available software applications


Technical Support

If you require technical support with Citrix Cloud or Virtualized Applications please contact UTM I&ITS.

The FLC strongly recommends that instructors and students test the Virtualized Applications and Secure Remote Desktop access options before their use is required for in-class teaching or learning.