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Where can I find the FLC’s hours?

The FLC’s daily opening and closing hours can be found on our homepage, or by going to About Us -> Hours.   Our schedule is also available on our online FLC Calendar or posted outside the FLC doors. 


How can I check if the FLC is booked for classes or workshops?

FLC staff post a calendar that displays the week’s bookings on the FLC doors each Monday.  This calendar is updated throughout the week if there has been a change in the FLC schedule. 

In addition, you can find our schedule on our website by going to our Homepage>Hours and Location>FLC Calendar.

You can also email utm.lkcflc@utoronto.ca to inquire about availability.

Does the FLC hire students?

Yes, the FLC hires 4-6 Student Assistants every year, depending on turnover.

How do I apply to be a student assistant at the FLC?

The FLC Student Assistant positions are typically posted through the Career Centre and on the FLC website in July.  You can also email utm.lkcflc@utoronto.ca with the subject line ‘FLC Job Posting Notification’ in order to be notified by email when the postings go live. 

If you'd like to know more about the positions, or what it’s like to work at the FLC, feel free to speak with one of our FLC Student Assistants or FLC staff.  You can also email utm.lkcflc@utoronto.ca to request an appointment or information.


Where can I get research help for my courses and assignments?

All subject areas and some courses (but not all) may have a research guide. Look for these in the Starting Points section on the home page of the UTM Library website.  The Management and Economics subject and courses guides can be found on the Starting Points, and contain both general and course-specific resources.

FLC student assistants can provide basic research help.  Please ask for assistance at the help desk by the door. 

For more in-depth help, you can ask the IMI Reference and Research Specialist, or book a research consultation with an IMI Liaison Librarian by emailing utm.lkcflc@utoronto.ca.  Please provide the following information:

  • the course or program related to the question
  • what you are trying to research - be as specific as possible
  • what databases or website you have already consulted
  • some suggested dates and times for an appointment

If your question involves a library database, e.g. Factiva or EconLit, you can also visit the Reference and Research Desk at the library for assistance.

Which database and software programs are available to students on the FLC's workstations?

For a complete list of all the databases and software available on the FLC’s computers, please refer to our Databases page.

I’m having problems accessing some library resources I need and am getting an error message. Is there someone at the FLC I can talk to?

If you’re having trouble accessing library resources, email utm.lkcflc@utoronto.ca. You can also drop by the lab to connect with a Student Assistant or the IMI Reference and Research Specialist to discuss your issue(s).

Alternatively, you can email eproblems@library.utoronto.ca as we may not be able to troubleshoot some issues.

Can I get help with my research for a case competition at the FLC?

For help with case competition research, book a research consultation with an IMI Librarian by emailing utm.lkclfc@utoronto.ca.  

Where can I find data?

Start by looking at the guides in the Starting Points section on the home page of the UTM Library website. These almost always highlight subject- or program-specific data sources.

You can also check out the UTM Library’s Data and Statistics page.

If you are still not finding what you need, book an appointment with an IMI Librarian by email utm.lkcflc@utoronto.ca.

What kind of career help does the FLC provide?

FLC staff can help you prepare for interviews by connecting you with useful databases and resources for company, industry and people research. 

We can also help students generate lists of companies within specific sectors to target for independent job search or information interviews. 

We can also connect you with general careers information in the sectors associated with the subject or program areas we support, e.g. management, economics, biotechnology, sustainability management, etc. 

For more personalized career help, however, we recommend visiting your department or program’s Careers Officer, or UTM’s Career Centre.  The staff there can help you prepare for interviews, build a better resume, and provide you with customized job search advice.


How do I access FactSet off-campus?

FactSet provides all UTM students with free FactSet Connect accounts, which provide off-campus access to this database.

FactSet offers 2 licenses: FactSet Web and FactSet Workstation.

FactSet Web

This is a web-based version of FactSet that includes all functionality except for the Excel add-in and templates. FactSet Web is sufficient for the needs of most students, and is compatible with all devices.

To request your own FactSet Web account, fill out FactSet's request form at: https://advantage.factset.com/academic_idrequest

FactSet Workstation

This is an installed version that includes Excel add-in and templates. This version is recommended for users that wish to work with financials or other data in Excel. This version is only compatible with Windows devices.

To request your own FactSet Workstation account ID, please email the FLC at utm.lkcflc@utoronto.ca and provide the following information:

  • Your first name and last name
  • Your UofT email address (e.g. some.student@mail.utoronto.ca)
  • Your program of study (e.g. Commerce, MBiotech)
  • Your expected date of graduation (e.g. June 2019)

Please keep in mind that it can take a few days to get a response to your request. You will receive an email from FactSet. Follow the instructions to register and to download the software to your computer. Once you have registered, FactSet will send a second email with your login and password. Monitor your email carefully for these emails as they sometimes get flagged as junk.

NOTE: FactSet Connect has been discontinued. Users who previously had Connect accounts, and Mac users are encouraged to use FactSet Web.

How/where can I get help using FactSet?

FLC Student Assistants are available to get you started using FactSet or to help with basic research using this database.  

New users of FactSet are encouraged to look at the resources available through the FactSet Learning website. 

Accessing FactSet Learning:

  1. Visit https//learning.factset.com
  2. Sign up for an account if you don't already have one, using the access code: factset_learning_2020. Login with your credentials if you already have an account.
  3. Click on "FactSet Products" for help with specific functions, or "FactSet for Academics" under "User Workflows" for an introduction to using FactSet in an academic setting.

In-Product Help

  • For specific questions, click on the '?' on the top right-hand toolbar and select “Online Assistant”, which provides users with context-sensitive help. 
  • For tipsheets, click on the '?' on the top right-hand toolbar and select "FactSet Tipsheet", which provides users with tipsheets created by FactSet.
  • For live help, click on the '?' on the top right-hand toolbar and select "Contact Us", which provides users with telephone numbers and an email address for FactSet's help desk.  FactSet provides user support 24x7 and usually responds very quickly to questions or issues.

What FactSet certifications are available to students? How can I get those certifications?

FactSet offers five certificates through their FactSet Essentials program that address different features and functionalities in FactSet. 

The 5 certificates include:

  • Core Products: covers how to use FactSet's tools to analyze multiple asset classes.
  • Derivative Products: covers how to monitor prices and analytics for futures, forward rates, options and various swap types, as well as download real time and historical option prices.
  • Productivity Suite: covers how to integrate FactSet data into the Office environment.
  • Portfolio Analysis: covers how to use FactSet's Portfolio Analysis tool to identify what decisions drove performance.
  • Universal Screening: covers how to develop, test and confirm investment strategies.

FactSet Essentials can be found under "FactSet Certificates" in the FactSet Learning website.

For more information about FactSet’s certification program, check out our Quick Start Guide for this database.


How/where can I get help using Bloomberg?

The IMI Reference and Research Specialist is available to get you started on Bloomberg or help with basic research. If you have questions, please contact utm.lkcflc@utoronto.ca.

For more complex questions, Bloomberg offers extensive online help, as well as a Live Help tool where a Bloomberg staff member will respond with any questions you may have within one business day.

  • To access the Help Guide, press the green ‘Help’ <F1> key once.
  • To access the Live Help, press the Help <F1> key twice, then click "Help Desk". A window will launch with a form where you can submit your question and your email (please note: you must submit your utoronto.ca email).  

What Bloomberg Certifications are available for students? How can I get those certifications?

Bloomberg offers a certification program called Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC). BMC is a self-paced e-learning course that provides a video-based introduction to the essentials of the capital markets.  BMC comprises 4 modules with 120 assessment questions. The four modules cover Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income, and Equities.

For more information about  BMC, check out our Quick Start Guide for this database.

Please note that BMC is available for free to UTM students and can be completed through the Bloomberg for Education portal while the lab remains closed.


Can I get help using Excel at the FLC?

Please consult our Excel Learning Resources. This online guide provides links to books and other quality online resources for the beginner- and intermediate-level users of Excel.

FLC Student Assistants will also be happy to assist you.


Where can I get help with citations?

Almost all guides for Economics and Management & IMI listed in the Starting Points section of the home page of UTM Library website have a section with citation help.

You can also check out the Citing Your Sources section of the UTM Library’s Reference Help at the UTM Library guide.

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