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Course and subject guides list resources specifically chosen by your liaison librarian, Catherine Fournier-Boulianne.

Course guides are developed by your librarian in cooperation with the instructor to support your research for the course. In addition to course specific resources, they include research advice and useful tips. Course guides will help you conduct the research necessary to complete your assignments and projects.

Subject guides are developed by your librarian and focus on a specific area. They are often the best place to start when beginning a new research project. Subject guides list databases relevant to the subject area, links to websites, journals and magazines, recommended books and ebooks, and more.

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Course and subject guides can also be found in the Starting Points section on the homepage of the UTM Library website

Please contact an FLC staff member if you are looking for help on selecting the right resource(s) for an assignment, research project, or course, or want training on how to use them.

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