Teaching With Technology

The UofT Mississauga Library provides campus leadership for supporting, understanding, and using educational technology tools available at the University of Toronto.  We are knowledgeable regarding a wide range of University supported educational technologies and can provide examples of evidence-based practice.

We also assist with identification, experimentation, research and review of new and emerging technologies and web applications that are used to support teaching and learning at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus. 

The most significant area of technology leadership is in supporting the University's learning management system, Quercus (Canvas), for which the library provides expert assistance (visit our Quercus Help Pages for help).

Book a consultation with Simone Laughton, Angie Cappiello or Kenneth Berry to discuss the range of University supported technologies and examples of the best pedagogical applications.

Instructional Technology Support:
Phone: 905-601-8859

Email: utml.instructech@utoronto.ca

Paperless Assignments 

Learn how to create and return graded assignments to your students.  Tools that can be used include Canvas assignments and Canvas Turnitin Integrated assignments.

Audio and Video 

Need a place to create basic audio or video resources for your students?  Have students who need to submit an audio or video course assignment, but do not have access to audio or video recording software?  Want to learn more about other audio and video options and resources at UTM?


Create more accessible resources for your students.

Classroom Response Tools

Want to engage your students during class? Classroom Response Tools, such as iClickers, can be used to support activities during class.

Showcase and Seminars

Find out about strategies, approaches, and tools that are being used to support teaching and learning.  Share and discuss experiences, initiatives, and research projects related to teaching with technology.