End of Term Procedure (Quercus)


  • 1 month after the end of term, the course will be in a read-only state for Students, TAs and Designers.
  • 1 year after the end of term, the course will be in a read-only state for for Instructors.

Note:  Read-only state means that the course will not be available for submitting assignments, posting discussions, uploading files, grading, or any other action-based task within a course. 

As noted in the Academic Handbook, when grading, we suggest muting the evaluation of assessments such as term tests and assignments (which renders the grades invisible to students) until all grades are reviewed and finalized by the instructor.

By default, the total column is hidden from students in Quercus, and final grades must not be shared with students through the Gradebook. Final grades should only be posted through ACORN (formerly known as ROSI). For more information on University of Toronto policies and guidelines regarding the posting and distribution of grades, please visit:

Click here for the full Course Life Cycle

We recommend that you back up your course material and Gradebook information at the end of the session. Creating your own back-up allows you to keep a record of course interactions and provides you with quick access to grades--which can be helpful if anyone petitions their grades or requests a deferred exam.

Download Student Grades

It is a best practice to retain a copy of the grade breakdown in your course, so we recommend that Instructors download a copy of their course Gradebook at the end of every term. If any of your students have questions regarding their final grades or need to write deferred exams you can easily refer to the .CSV file of the Gradebook, even after your course has been concluded.

Upload Grades to eMarks

Instructions for uploading grades to eMarks can be found at the link provided below.

Create Back-up Files

There are a few methods you can use to create back-up files of your course:

Use the Export Course Content tool to capture an instance of your course that can be imported into a future course shell.

  • Export a Course - Export files can be uploaded into a new shell at a later date. Export your course and download the export file within seven months of the term ending.  An Export is a IMSCC zipped file containing:
    • A snapshot of your course content.
    • No student enrollments, and
    • No user interactions.

Note: Zipped Export files should only be opened through the import tool in Quercus. Unzipping and opening these files on your computer can compromise the course data and break your back-up.

Download Student Work

Instructions for downloading student work can be found at the link provided below.

Download an Individual Student Quiz

If requested, instructions for downloading an individual student quiz can be found at the link provided below.
https://q.utoronto.ca/courses/170983/pages/quizzes#print-exam (for UTM instructors only, UTORid and Password required).